Orphan Accounts Missing

Sometimes terminated accounts will not appear in the Orphan Accounts Section. Please verify the following troubleshooting steps.


1. Verify that the account was not permanently deleted:

Please check the Retention setting for Orphan Accounts in Settings -> General -> Delete Orphan backups older than. If the retention date has been met then the orphan backups would have been removed automatically from the destination.

2. Backups not synced with JetBackup:

Sometimes JetBackup gets out of sync with your destination. If this happens, JetBackup will be unable to index all backups currently on the destination. You can resync the destination by running the following command:

JetBackup 4: jetbackup -vfR reindex
JetBackup 5: jetbackup5api -F reindexDestination -D '_id={DESTINATIONID}' OR Run the reindex for the destination via the JetBackup Interface at JetBackup 5 -> Destinations.

After completion, please check to see if the orphan accounts appear.

3. Missing cPanel Terminate Hook:

JetBackup utilizes WHM hooks in order to verify when an account is terminated. If these hooks are missing, JetBackup will not know when an account becomes an orphan. Please check Home -> Development -> Manage Hooks on your WHM to ensure JetBackup Hooks are still there.


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