Extra Backups Appearing On JetBackup

There are many reasons extra backups can appear on JetBackup. JetBackup 4 has Manual Backups and Snapshots which each have their own retention/TTL.

Manual Backups retention can be configured at JetBackup -> Settings -> General -> Manual Backups Retain - [ Default: 14 ]. This will specify how many manual backups are retained and are NOT the same as scheduled backups. Manual Backups TTL will keep the manual backups for X amount of days set in JetBackup -> Settings -> General -> Manual Backups TTL - [ Default: 7 days].

Maximum Snapshots per Account found in JetBackup -> Settings ->Snapshots sets the retention for snapshots. How Long Keep Snapshots sets the TTL for snapshots. Like manual backups, snapshots are retained separately and are NOT the same as normally scheduled backups.

NOTE: JetBackup 5 replaced Snapshots with Backup on Demand

Once determined all settings are correct, please reindex the destination, where the extra backups are located, with the following command: jetbackup -vfR reindex. After reindexing, please allow the daily cron to run to remove the backups based on their TTL settings.

You may also remove the extra backups manually. Manual backups will be stored with the same naming format as scheduled backups, snap.XXXX-XX-XX.XXXXX, in the same location as the scheduled backups. Snapshots will be stored in the destination under the directory snapshots/ found under the specified account /Backup/Dir/jetbackup_X_X_X/acct/snapshots. Once the extra backups have been removed, run the reindex command so that JetBackup will have an accurate count of backups.

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