Exclude List for FTP/SFTP Destinations does not work

FTP/SFTP destinations are known to have limitations with their commands and file pathing conventions. In order to exclude hidden files and folders from being backed up on an FTP/SFTP destination, it is required to escape the files/folders starting with ".". An example would be the following:

1. A folder located at /home/acct/.cpanel/

2. The exclude list will need to have the path as "\.cpanel/"

This causes issues when trying to adjust the exclude list within the GUI and results in the error: "The provided path () is invalid. The path must start with a /".
One way to work around this issue would be to use our JETAPI to manage the exclude list for the Backup Job rather than use the GUI.

In order to add these to the exclude list, you need to specify it through the API by executing the following API call for example:

JETBACKUP 4: jetapi backup -F manageBackupJob -D 'action=modify&_id=**BACKUP_JOB_ID**&excludelist[0]=\.cpanel'
JETBACKUP 5: jetbackup5api -F manageBackupJob -D 'action=modify&_id=**BACKUP_JOB_ID**&exclude_list[0]=\.cpanel'

Please do note that executing the API call does not append to the current exclude list so you need to specify all the current files/folders. This is the complete API call example in your case for reference:

JETBACKUP 4: jetapi backup -F manageBackupJob -D 'action=modify&_id=**BACKUP_JOB_ID**&excludelist[0]=*.gz&excludelist[1]=*.jpa&excludelist[2]=*.log&excludelist[3]=*.bkup'
JETBACKUP 5: jetbackup5api -F manageBackupJob -D 'action=modify&_id=**BACKUP_JOB_ID**&exclude_list[0]=*.gz&exclude_list[1]=*.jpa&exclude_list[2]=*.log&exclude_list[3]=*.bkup


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