Bare Metal Restore with JetBackup 5 for Linux

JetBackup 5 for Linux generates backups at the file level and may not be the best fit for full server restores, specifically in regard to restoring a server at the OS/Kernel level, including the panel, plugins, and settings, which can be achieved through Bare Metal Restore (BMR). What JetBackup can offer is a faster functional turnaround when recovering from the same scenario.

Restoring from disaster with file-level backups can be divided into "phases" allowing the priority data/websites restored much faster compared to block-level/BMR. The "phases" are as follows:

  1. Firing up a fresh server with the OS and Panel of choice, including any additional plugins and extensions you utilize(shouldn't take more than an hour, less with automated deployment tools).

    • you can also backup generic system/server/config files & folders on the server through JetBackup (via Directories Backup Job) which could significantly help in reducing the time needed to reconfigure/retune your server/extensions.
  2. Restore JetBackup Database from the backup destination (up to 5 minutes)

  3. Start restoring the data/websites (added benefit of being able to choose which to restore first).
    You can also tweak the system - restoring multiple backups at the same time or prioritize important ("VIP") clients to get restored first.

In summary, it depends on the disaster recovery strategy that best fits your needs and use case.

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