Jetindexd fills up the /usr folder

On JetBackup 5 v5.2.x and below, FTP and S3-Compatible destinations utilizes the jetindexd (WiredTiger-based) service to track account changes and allow JetBackup 5 to push data incrementally.

Each snapshot creates its own indexing database, and a high backup retain setting for your Backup Job(s) coupled with a high number of accounts hosted on a server may cause the jetindexd directory (/usr/local/jetapps/var/lib/jetindexd/) to have a high disk usage and fill up the /usr folder due to the number of snapshots per account that the Jetindexd database needs to keep track and index.

The recommended way to reduce the disk usage caused by Jetindexd is to consider reducing the number of backup retention configured on your Backup Job(s) which lowers the number of snapshots that JetBackup will need to track. Once the backup retention has been reduced, it may take up to 24 hours for the automatic cleanup process to execute and begin reducing the jetindexd disk usage.

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