How JetBackup backups MySQL Databases

JetBackup uses mysqldump to generate MySQL database backups in JetBackup 5. We do provide the following options/flags under Performance Settings to further finetune mysqldump:

  • --max-allowed-packets
  • --force
  • --opt
  • --skip-lock-tables

We also have -E and -R flags hardcoded to include database events and routines on the database dump.

For more information regarding MySQL Settings in JetBackup 5.1, please visit:

At this time, we don't have any working plans to change the method we use to generate database backups as we find it to work for most of our client's needs. With that said, please do let us know if you are looking for any additional options/flags that you would like to see made available on an update. We definitely appreciate and are open to improve and provide more options for database backups as well as welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have on how we could improve our software.

We highly encourage opening up a feature request at JetBackup Feature Requests as well, as this helps our team gauge demand for a feature based on the number of votes and feedback we receive as we prioritize which features to first try and implement.

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