[SSH / Local] Backups Missing from Reindex - Only showing newer backups

Recently, we've received some reports that the "Reindex Destination" feature is missing backups from SSH/Local Legacy destinations in v5.3 after an update from 5.2, when the backups still exist on the remote destination.

For faster reindexing, a new "jetbackup.index" was added to the top level of the account backup directory, and this index file will only contain snapshots generated in v5.3. We are expanding the newly added "Backup Cleanup and Integrity Check" feature to SSH / Local Destinations which will automatically fix the jetbackup.index file to ensure it contains the correct contents. 

To resolve this issue in the interim, you simply need to reindex the destination with the new by_snap=1 flag so JB5 will index per-snapshot instead of prioritizing the main index file. 

jetbackup5api -F reindexDestination -D "_id={DESTID}&by_snap=1"

Please note that once all previous backups are rotated based on your schedule, the jetbackup.index file will automatically have the correct contents, so the problem should not occur in the future.

If the issue persists after checking the above, please open a ticket with our support team providing the log for jetbackupd.log and any other information.

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