Why Does One Account Have All Database Backups?

In JetBackup 5 Linux, Databases and Database Users need to be assigned to specific accounts using the Manage Database Plugin. If the Databases and Database Users are NOT assigned then JetBackup will automatically backup all databases to the configured Default Databases Backup Account in Settings -> Panel. 

To resolve this issue, please install the "Manage Databases" Plugin for JetBackup 5 for Linux. Once installed and enabled, you can manually assign users via the "Manage Databases" menu item on the left, or choose to use the "Automatic Assign" feature. (will only auto-assign to accounts if the DB is prefixed with accountusername_)

To install the Plugin, go to JB Home > Plugins > Available Plugins and click Install on the Manage Databases Plugin.

If you don't see the Manage Databases Menu item after installing, please ensure that the Plugin is enabled from JB Home > Plugins > Installed Plugins and the Visible toggle is set to ON for Root Access.

There's documentation on how to use the Manage Databases Plugin here: https://docs.jetbackup.com/v5.1/adminpanel/Plugins/addonsplugins.html

If you'd like to unset the "Default Databases Backup Account" field, please use the following API call:

jetbackup5api -F manageSettingsPanel -D "options[default_db_user]="

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