WHMCS Addons

WHMCS Auto Accept Orders Hook
WHMCS Free Domains Management Hook
WHMCS Hide Admin
WHMCS Hide Admin - Open Source
WHMCS Invoice4u - Automated Invoicing
WHMCS Invoice4u - Automated Invoicing *Trial* (14 Days)

Automated WHMCS invoicing through Invoice4U system.
Should be used for Israeli clients – Makes WHMCS Israeli IRS compatible.
Customized email templates with direct invoice download links (no need to login)
WHMCS client area template integration.

WHMCS IP Delegation Hook

This hook allows you to control a reseller's access to the server's IP addresses.
By default, cPanel grants a reseller access to all of the available IP addresses on the server, with this hook you will be able to assign only specific ips to a product.

WHMCS Jetserver CSF Manager
WHMCS Jetserver CSF Manager - Open Source
WHMCS Jetserver Joomla Bridge
WHMCS Order Notes To Ticket Hook
WHMCS Product Expiry Notification
WHMCS Product Expiry Notification - Open Source
WHMCS Product Limiter
WHMCS Remove Flag On Ticket Close Hook
WHMCS Reply Above This Line Hook
WHMCS Reseller Nameservers Hook

This hook will automatically create A Records for each Name Server of the reseller's main domain.

WHMCS Send Email To Admin On Note Hook
WHMCS Server Monitoring
WHMCS Server Monitoring *Trial* (14 Days)

Jetserver Monitoring will help you easily monitor all of your servers from within WHMCS.
The monitoring page (Widget is included!) will keep you updated on your servers status !
Something goes wrong? You can reboot the server from your WHMCS admin page !
You are not in? Our reaction system will reboot the server for you !

WHMCS Smart IP Allocation Hook

This WHMCS hook will help you smartly utilize the use of dedicated IPs assigned to your servers.

WHMCS Tickets Tasks
WHMCS Tickets Tasks - Open Source
WHMCS Virtual Machine Manager
WHMCS Virtual Machine Manager *Trial* (14 Days)

This WHMCS module will help you boost your virtual server sales by adding added value to your services !
Clients can view the server status, turn on/off or reboot without contacting your support team !

  • VMware ESXi, XEN, SolusVM, KVM, PROXMOX, HP iLO Supported platforms